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Healthy Living On A Busy Work Schedule
There are many of us out there who have extremely busy work weeks. We wake up every morning, head to work, spend the full day in the office, and come home not too long before going to sleep. Our busy days probably still provide us enough time to eat a couple meals or spend a few moments with family members, but finding time to get some exercise done is far less feasible.
Rather than finding time to exercise, many busy workers simply relax when they have some spare time and let their health go by the wayside. Sure, they may think about going for a run, or try to eat healthier, or peruse electronic cigarette reviews in an effort to quick smoking, but they don’t make the real commitment to consistent exercise.
How to fix this problem? For the busy worker, the key to first make time and then follow through on that commitment. Whether it’s before work, during work, after work, or on the weekends, having a set workout time is an instrumental way of achieving fitness even when balancing a busy lifestyle. After all, if you have a meeting on your schedule, you’d make sure to be there. Your exercise time should be treated similarly.
So, now, you want to pick a time to exercise that fits well with your schedule. Here are a few of your options:
During Your Commute
Pro: More and more people are choosing to run or bike to work, thus replacing the time wasted by a commute with the benefits of a healthy start – and finish – to your day. This method is guaranteed to get you into shape.
Con: Whether they’re too far or cross too many pedestrian-unfriendly roadways, many people do not have commute options that work well for runners or bikers. Furthermore, unless your workplace has a shower, you might find yourself showing up sweaty and smelly to that 10am meeting.
During Your Lunch Break
Pro: Most workers take some time out of their day for lunch, and if you have a health club near your office (or simply a decent place to run) you may want to consider doing some exercise during your lunch hour and then quickly drinking a protein shake before returning to work.
Con: Once again, this approach is unfeasible for many workers. Not to mention, many people don’t like the hassle of changing for a run in the middle of the day, only to have to don work attire and head right back to the office afterwards.
At Night
Pro: If you live in a major metropolitan area, chances are you can find a 24 hour health club or a well-lit place to take an evening jog. Working out at night is often a great stress reliever and, for many people, a perfect way to end the day.
Con: As opposed to the methods listed above, working out at night threatens to take away time that you otherwise would likely spend sleeping or with your family, two pursuits that you probably don’t want to sacrifice.
On the Weekend
Pro: If your weekends are free, you have the time and luxury to head out for workout after a lazy morning reading the paper at home. You’ll have minimal time constraints, and – even in the winter – you can get your exercise in while the sun is still out.
Con: Many people value weekends for the relaxation they offer, meaning that an afternoon of pushups is probably not what they have in mind. And, of course, an equally large number of people already have very busy weekend lives as it is.
These are just a few of the pros and cons of the main workout opportunities for a busy professional. While none of them are ideal, and although whichever one you choose will undoubtedly cause you stress at times, there’s no doubt that having a healthy lifestyle should always be of prime importance. It’s your job to acknowledge that and, in response, clear your schedule accordingly.

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