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So far you have heard the doctors and you know all about tight control for diabetes. The results of Diabetes Control and Complications trails was published in the year 1993, which stated that reducing A1C levels keeps away complications and allows you to live longer. We all know this and we have been following it. However many type 1 and type 2 patients who have been working hard to manage this illness are suspected to do even better.
The diabetes control is different for everyone, and here are few suggestions that can help you improve the condition.Set a goal
As per American Diabetes Association, people suffering from diabetes must set a goal for A1C-which states that the average of 3 months blood sugar should be below 7%.  Some even recommend it to be 6.5 % but most doctors would be pleased with the either.
So what are you aiming at? Speak to your general practitioner or your dietician and see if you could aim towards a tighter control. Necessary tip- Do not aim for the impossible. If your current A1C is very high, you will have to give it time and set a goal that is reasonable.Keep a check on your sugar level
Nothing could be more obvious than this, but this simple thing is overlooked in the chaos of day to day routine. If you are not monitoring your sugar level then how can you expect yourself to keep a control on it? As per Diabetes Control and Complications Trail, checking blood sugar level once a day was a standard practice. If you are looking for a tighter control, check it before and after the meal and you will be able to understand how well your body is able to take insulin. A constant check helps you find better ways as to how to control diabetes and if something is not working right, you can switch to something else.
Today, accurate glucose monitoring devices are available in the market that allows you to check your blood sugar level at home without any medical assistance.Glucose tablets should be handy
The real challenge is dealing with the lows when trying to maintain a normal blood sugar level. Take it this way- 40 is considered problematic low which is only 50 points lower than a great sugar level that is 90. And this is 200 points below that is called a higher sugar level which is 240. Low sugar level can make you feel miserable and can increase the risk of diabetic complications. Carrying a glucose tablet can help you vex the problem and there will be no sudden attacks. Carrying carbohydrate drink or food is also advisable.Time for coaching
Diabetes is something brief and it is important to get some education on it. It would be hard dealing with it if you have no idea about the causes of diabetes and its symptoms of diabetes. At time the situation is that you have dealt with the disease for long and you would want a doctor in his 20s or 30s to guide you on the same. You feel that you can get along with it on your own but this is not how it should be, you have to be open about your disease and be honest about what you are going through. Diabetes patients need to have discipline in life and a positive outlook can always help.
Follow these steps and you can definitely control your sugar level:Maintain a consistent eating habit with some healthy carbs in dietManaging weight can help control diabetesMorning walk, yoga and exercising daily is goodFasting is not advisable for diabetic patientsGreen tea has always proved good for diabetics
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