The Online Marketing Process for Copywriters

Unlike the interruption marketing techniques that dominate so much off-line advertising, online marketing is a more subtle and engaged process. Online marketers attempt to build relationships with potential customers long before attempting to make a sale, often by providing valuable information or by creating conversations.

Building trust, credibility and a sense of connection is central to this approach, and should inform your writing, just as it informs website design and every other aspect of the marketing process.

While online businesses vary a good deal in the way they engage customers, it is possible to identify three key stages in the online marketing process that are almost always present.

Stage 1: The Initial Contact

In this stage the customer does not know anything about the product or service. Online businesses work hard to create visibility – to reach out to potential customers and attract them to their website or social media presence, where they can learn more and the process of relationship building can begin.

Initial contact may take place off-line, through traditional advertising such as billboards or direct mail, or online through social media, banner advertising, forums, Google adwords, organic search, affiliate marketing, and many other avenues. As a copywriter you may be involved in creating material for all of these channels. Before beginning to write it’s important to be clear on the action you wish the potential customer to take – to visit the website, to become a Facebook follower, to make a purchase, to read an article?

Stage 2: On The Website

Once people reach the website, relationship building can begin in earnest. Many online companies will use a landing page – carefully written and designed to guide the visitor to take a particular action, for instance, to make a purchase, sign up for a newsletter, or join an email list.

The most successful online businesses recognise that visitors often do not purchase a product or service on their first visit. Typically they will visit 4 or 5 times before making the purchase. This is one reason for the growing use of email lists, for example, because they provide a way for the business to stay in touch with a prospective customer and continue to build the relationship. Email lists only work, of course, if the business is providing relevant and useful information to readers. If emails consist only of sales messages the relationship will be destroyed before it is even begun.

Other businesses provide useful resources or information to tempt the potential customer to visit more than once. Examples include free ebooks and articles that speak directly to the customer’s needs, fears or worries.

The website should also work hard to build the visitor’s trust and confidence in the business.

Stage 3: Continuous Relationship Building

In stage 3, the business continues to build relationships and credibility with visitors – many of whom may be subscribers. Many of the tools discussed above such as email lists, ebooks and informational articles, continue to be important at this stage. Informing visitors about the product or service for sale – its benefits and advantages, for example – may make up only a very small part of the communication.

Brian Clark of Copyblogger notes:

Remember, content drives the Internet, and consumers are looking for information that solves a problem, not immediate sales pitches. The trust, credibility, and authority that content marketing creates knocks down sales resistance, all while providing a baseline introduction to the benefits of a particular product or service.

Dialogue is also key to this stage of the marketing process. For the business, it offers an ideal opportunity to start conversations with visitors, to learn more about their interests and needs. Such insights can be used to adapt content, products and services to more closely match visitors needs.

Imagine a World without Internet

Imagine a World without Internet

The Internet or also known as the World
Wide Web was created 20 years ago for military purposes. It had developed so
fast that we are surprise on how dependent we are towards the Internet.  Almost 87% of internet users worldwide would
be checking their email daily and the Internet had become a medium and keep
everyone in touch and connected. No doubt that we might enjoy having a day or
two of an
unplug holiday but what
might happen if the duration prolong to one month, one year or it disappears

Without the internet, we would be going
back to a world where the snail mail takes place. Internet allows quicker
communication but without any access to the internet, we would need to reverse back
to the time where we would need to wait at least 3 days for any updates or
Internet also allows the ease for
information and research sharing, for example, Wikipedia is where one can find
various of useful information. Nevertheless, when the internet goes down, none
of the above would be possible and you might need to refer back to books and
any other printed materials to gather the information needed.
Businesses would also be much harder
without the help of internet as they might not be able to alliance and would
face difficulties to obtain foreign clients living in the other side of the
country. Online shopping sites such as Ebay and Amazon would just be a myth
while music and video download would never be as easy as it is now.
Currently, there are more than 550 million
of useful websites available on the World Wide Web but this would not mean
anything if internet access is no longer available. This would mean that Google
would no longer be able to help you in completing your assignment and school
projects and the only choice is left is to refer to the information in the
It is undeniable that internet had created many
job opportunities as Facebook alone had created a 450,000 jobs. Job-hunting
could never be any easier with Jobstreet, which is made available as a platform
for employees to find their potential candidates as their future employees.
On the other hand, there would are also
some benefit for not having the internet because children would go and venture
in the outdoor and to play in the sun and the rain instead of staying indoor
playing computer games.
Although online banking brings ease to our
daily tasks, without the access of internet, personal and credit card
information would also be more protected as hackers would not find any access
or alternative to hack into your account to hack any of your personal account.
In other words, this would simply mean that crime rates would decrease.
Whether you agree or not, the internet had
played an important aspect in the part of our life and sometimes, we might feel
surprise on how much we rely on internet to get our daily task done. Whether
internet is for the good or for the bad, it is merely depends on how make the
best out of it.

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Meeting Samsung Galaxy Tab & iPad 2

Meeting Samsung Galaxy Tab & iPad 2

The tablet craze
immersed all of a sudden and now we can see everyone is going crazy over having
a tablet for themselves. The popularity of tablets makes it easier to predict
that the tablets would be selling out fast just like hot cakes. Why? Well, who
can resist a gadget that can multitask and can even replace your current
Due to the high
demand of users for tablets, the tablets wars had immersed. I bet you can feel
the heat as well when Samsung launched their Galaxy Tab as their little secret
weapon to compete with IPad2.

Although Samsung
and Apple may be business partners but this never stops them from them from
getting involved with the fierce competition between Samsung Galaxy Tab and
iPad2. Now the million dollar question, what is the difference between both of
the tablet?
The similarities
between these both gadgets are both of it can access easily to social
networking sites such as Facebook, Twitters, and social forums. Both could also
offers the ability watch movies and videos from YouTube or Netflix with
excellent web browsers. Gamers addict could also play tons of games using any
of these gadgets. Lastly, both also offer great apps for photo taking or video
What differ
Samsung Galaxy Tab with iPad2 is perhaps the difference of their thickness. Not
long after Apple launched it slimmed down version of iPad 2 with the thickness
of only 8.8mm, Samsung quickly reduce the thickness of the Samsung Galaxy Tab
by a mere of 0.2mm as compared with the iPad 2.
The Galaxy Tab
is capable of holding 35 apps icon per screen without any folder icon option
but the home screen folder could be added using the Android apps while the
Ipad2 could only be capable in holding 25 apps or folder icons per screen.
Another factor
that differ the Samsung Galaxy Tab from ipad 2 is the charging time. A test was
run to detect the charging time used to charge their batteries from empty to
full. The below is the data collected.
Charging Time
Tab vs Ipad 2

Duration (Hrs) Galaxy Tab (%) Ipad 2 (%)
0 0 0
1.0 n/a 25
1.5 33 n/a
2.0 50 40
3.5 66  60
4.0 75 70
5.0 90 85
6.0 100 95

From the above test, it is found that Galaxy Tab
charged up faster in comparison with ipad2 although the difference is not very
On the other hand, to detect the how long the
batteries could last, a test was run. Both gadgets are set to their maximum
brightness and performed video streaming on Netflix. It is found that ipad 2
could stream Netflix for 7-8 hours while Galaxy Tab can only stream for 5-6
hours. This shows that ipad 2 had outlasted Galaxy tab
about 30 to 40 percent.
Take note that the life span of the batteries would
depends on certain factors such as the setting of the brightness level. You can
expect that your battery can last longer if you just use your tablets to surf
the internets or to check your emails.
So which one catches the hearts? This may differs from
each individual, depending on what they are looking and their priority for
tablets. Galaxy Tab seems to be more suitable for those who frequently use
their tablets for video streaming from websites because it supports Adobe flash
while ipad2 has more tablet-aware-apps.
Have you made your decision yet?

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Starting your business with Facebook

Starting your business with Facebook

Not much introduction would be needed
about this world most famous networking site which is formerly founded by Mark
Zuckerberg launched in February 2004. I do believe that you would be very
familiar with this website due to its strong influence towards our daily life.

Formerly, Facebook was used to keep in
touch with friends and families but this purpose then had widen and had moved
beyond the initial purpose of a social network website.
No matter whether it is a big firm or a
small firm, no matter it is a new developing firm or a booming company, many of
the business owners had taken the advantage of Facebook and joined the
bandwagon to make Facebook as their channel of business networking.
Having 800 million of active Facebook users
worldwide and among it are almost 400 million of them who logs on to their
Facebook account daily and this numbers are expected to be increased. The high
number of Facebook users allows business owners to obtain a great amount of
exposure for the public to notice the product or service you are providing for
By owning a Facebook page for your
business, you are able to create a professional business profile so that you could
include all important description of your product or service provided. You can
also include your business website, accorded rewards, and contact information
in your Facebook page. All the information provided in the page enables your
prospects to get a detailed idea on what your business is all about and why
should they deal with you.
For those who can make full use of the
application on Facebook, you would find that the tools provided would do much
helpful marketing tools in assisting you to promote your product or services.
One of the applications which you may find in Facebook is the Insights where the
page owner are able view useful data such as daily likes and comments received,
and the demographic breakdown.
The application is very handy for the
page owner as they could know which product received the most likes and who are
their target customers would be. Without a Facebook page, the business owner
might need to go through a lot of hassle to gather the similar information.
Facebook also acts as a channel of
communication where the page owner and the users can communicate frequently.
The communication made between the customers and the business owner would
slowly build mutual trust between both parties which make it easier to close a
business deal.
The page owner may also acknowledge all
the users if there is any updates such as clearance sales, competition, lucky
draws, new product arrivals, or any upcoming events without even paying a bomb
to the advertisement agency. Posting all your business updates in your Facebook
page is a better alternative in comparison with other medium because the users
could post their inquiries instantly and the page owner could quickly clarify
them to avoid any confusion.
The importance of business networking is
more obvious whereas the traditional way of doing business is no longer
popular. To excel in the business industry, one needs to think creatively to
differentiate them from other business owners.
Due to the advantage of doing marketing
free of charge on Facebook, it is undeniable that the number of Facebook
business page are increasing thus, your mission is not only to have a Facebook
page but to have a distinctively unique page with an attractive landing page is
definitely essential for a Facebook page to score those like hits from your
potential prospects.
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The Secret to Facebook’s Success

Founded in 2004, none of us had ever expected that Facebook, a social networking site can grow successfully to what it is today. Now, we use Facebook daily either to keep in touch with our friends, to do online business or even to scoring you a date. Before Facebook was even started, there are few social networks engaging after the same mission but none of it had gotten to where Facebook currently is. So what’s the catch here? What is the key that had brought Facebook as far as it is today?

Behind every success there is a story, and the story behind the success of Facebook is about a boy who had nothing but a dream and passion. Mark Zuckerberg, the founder for Facebook didn’t write a business plan nor does he done any market research but only a dream to build something that he thought was good, something that would change the way people communicate. At only the age of 19, he followed his dream and passion, he is determined that Facebook would be a success and indeed it is.

Have you ever visited a boring website? Those with loads of writing with terrible color selection and you can wait to get out of the page. Well, Facebook is just the total opposite. Facebook is not only fun and simple enough to use but it had enabled a community including individuals, businesses and organization to gather together and make the interaction between each of the community a breeze.

Simplicity might be or might not be the best. Facebook never forget to take small steps at times and this is a great way to avoid overbuild of a website. Facebook does not implement all drastic changes at a time. Few months ago, Facebook introduced timeline to replace the previous profile page, which is a huge change for all the users. Since then, Facebook did not change any of the features, as they understand that users need time to familiarize with the new timeline until recently Facebook then introduce the apps center. The key here is to keep progressing but not to too rapidly.

Being an entrepreneur is all about taking risk just like what Mark Zuckerberg did when he starts his business from a scratch and ready to the risk willing by dropping out from college to focus on building Facebook. Indeed his risks pay off when he had become one of the youngest billionaire while Facebook is now ranked as the second most accessed site after Google.

With 250 million photos uploaded and 2.7 hits of likes daily, it is undeniable that Facebook is a tremendous success. The key of success on Facebook had become the inspiration for many young entrepreneurs out there to chase their dreams. Where there is a will there would always be a way, so if you always dreamed to become an entrepreneur, take some lessons from Mark Zuckerberg and you might be just be the next youngest billionaire. 

Affiliate Marketing Platform » Blog Archive » Easy Tips For Copywriting Content That Can Be Used Immediately

Whenever you learn to compose potent sales copy a huge variation could possibly be made to your business. Below are some tips that work well, and they’re going to show you far better alongside your course. Affiliate Scalper will save your advertising cost

Marketing an item on the web demands you to definitely meet a variety of problems in order to get the selling. You aren’t capable of simply put an item through to your site with all the hopes that individuals purchase that. It’s the sales correspondence that may determine whether or otherwise not you’re making a purchase or not. It is not adequate to simply slap several words on your site about the product, as the prospective customers got to know the reason why they need to acquire what you’re selling. You need to let them know that your method is something these people absolutely need. How’s this kind of completed? A better solution depends within testimonials. As soon as your potential customers note that other people are already satisfied with the product you might be marketing, they will desire to jump on the band wagon. If you don’t consist of testimonials from other folks, your prospective customers will certainly question if you might be being truthful, and also whether you’re trying to rip-off them. It’s not in which difficult to obtain truthful recommendations from the previous customers if your product is good quality. It’s often the case they are excited to create these for you. You can also acquire experts in your market to state to suit your needs. Many professionals try this regularly for his or her goods to exhibit exactly how useful these people really tend to be. You can simply get a professional inside your niche, permit them to test your products, and you are able to you can keep them state for this. In substitution for them creating for your requirements, it is possible to offer you to put their own hyperlink upwards in places you place it in your web site. You both earn like that. If you’re able to acquire people experts to leave you an audio or movie account, that may use a much better effect on your potential customers. Traffic Reloaded introduce distinctive strategies in getting a prosperous life.

In order to progress results along with your duplicate and also you wish to increase your rate associated with the conversion process, be sure you allow your prospects understand that they can manage to get thier money-back anytime. When you’ve got your own prospects interest, and they take into consideration buying your product or service, they can frequently commence next guessing on their own. They are out of their particular comfort zone when really buying the item, this means your possibility, can back off on the final moment. Including any money back guarantee will show them that there are simply no question as to the worth of your product, and they’ll be more likely to acquire. The money back guarantee displays these you have confidence inside your product, and that will let them buy from a person quicker.

Make certain that no hoopla is actually as part of your revenue copy. Make an effort to keep it just as real as possible when you are offering details about the merchandise. Checklist the benefits however produce a stability among hype and also the genuine info. A lot of hoopla can eliminate profits duplicate. In general, copywriting content can be a talent in which takes time to build up yet as soon as you get that, there’s no looking back again. Content Lockdown discover special tricks in constucting a well-situated life.

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Apple Inc. Awarded $1.05 Billion In Patent – Infringement lawsuit

The battle between Apple 
Inc. and Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd filed on 2011 had comes to an end in
San Jose, California when a nine – member of jury in California ruled that
Samsung had infringed few of Apple’s patents . The case begins when Apple
claims that the Samsung’s ‘Galaxy’ series had used a number of technologies and
design that had been patented by Apple for iPhone and iPad while Samsung
accused Apple had infringed a number of its patents.

Luck had not been siding when Samsung was pronounced guilty
of infringing six of the seven patents and had been ordered to pay an amount of
$1.05 billion to Apple. In addition to that, it had also been reported that
Apple also requested a ban of Samsung products in the United States but this
would only rule by the court at later date.

Apparently the Apple v. Samsung were not the first lawsuit
happening in the mobile market as Apple had also won a patent ruling against
HTC in 2011 while Motorola had also once launch a lawsuit against Apple earlier
on August 2012 over patent-infringement including the patents involving Siri,
location reminders, email notification and video playback.

Apple was seems pleased with the jury’s verdict when Katie
Cotton, the spokeswoman for Apple mentioned that the verdict did it justice and
were grateful for the jury’s service and spending time listen to their say on
the story. She added to New York Times that the law suit is not just about
patents and money but it about values and originality. She thanks the court for
sending out a loud and clear message that stealing isn’t right.

However, Samsung stated that this verdict should not be
viewed as a win for Apple but appears as a loss for America customers as they
might now face fewer choices, increases in prices for gadgets and face lesser

The fact is, justice will not serve two parties right but
with Apple winning the verdict, what would this means to us as the consumers?

Android users are expected to experienced increase in costs
for Android phones due to the licensing fees that would need to be paid to
Apple Inc.

In addition to that, Apple had also filed an injunction
against Samsung and if this is granted by jury, this would mean that Apple had
succeeded in banning their key competitor in the mobile market industry while
we as the consumers would face lesser choice. This won’t happen overnight
though because Samsung might just do almost everything possible to overturn the
ruling and the whole procedure of appeals and injunction might take a long
time, possible months or even years.

Will Samsung file their appeals on this verdict? According
to sources, though the verdict is in but it does not mean the end as Samsung
had stated that they would file an appeal the decision. So consumer, what do
you have to say on the verdict? Would it be Samsung or Apple that have your

How can mobile apps help you in your business?

Consumers are always on the go with their routine schedule so mobile apps is definitely an alternative way for your customers to engaged with your brands wherever they are and it is also a good way to communicate to your customers on the latest company updates. A small organization does not mean that you do not need to have one because you might be more than surprise by how a simple mobile app can bring your company a profitable change.

Mobile apps act as an important and effective marketing tool to promote your business to new customers and your current customers as well. Consumers are using their phone every 6 minutes either to make a make a call, to send a text message, or to surf social networking sites. Thus, mobile apps would be very helpful in advertising your business and as a platform to give out discount coupon or any promotion.

The design and features of the mobile apps are very flexible and it depends on how you design them. Some apps can be design with functions that could encourages your customers to speak to you. This does not only build a strong relationship between your business and your customers. There is always a room for improvement, other than easing the communication with customers, a mobile apps also allows you to receive valuable feedback from them as well.

Another benefit of having a mobile app is that it differs you from your competitors. Mobile apps is something new in and not many business owners realize that it can be a very good marketing tools when use correctly. Owning your own mobile apps portrays your company identity by and how it is different from your competitors and for business owners who developed great mobile apps, people or users would start talking about your product and services automatically without any further hefty investment such as advertisement or product launching events.

If you are looking forward to increase customers’ loyalty towards your product or services then a mobile app is just what you’ll need. A mobile app allows your users to appreciate your service more but that is if your apps are meaningful one which users are sure to use them frequently. An app can be designed depending on how you want it to be. You are free to design any app that is suitable for your nature of business, it can be either as an entertainment purposes or to help users to ease their daily tasks. By providing apps that could benefit users, it allows your customers to use your apps on a regular basis and they would appreciate for the service you have provided for them.

Branding is an essential factor when it comes to business. You may consider portraying company logo, company vision and mission statement if you would like to boost up your company branding. This will let you the app users to know more about your business and the product or services that your company is providing.

Accessing working documents and files can now be easier that it had never used to be. For business person who are always on the go, you can now synchronize the files in your working desktop into your smart phones so that you can retrieve important data whenever you need them. It is also easier to go for appointment from one place to another without the need to bring a bulky laptop.

Affiliate Marketing Platform » Blog Archive » 3 Actionable Tips To Retain RSS Subscribers

You have a blog or static site, and you’re publishing content; but if you don’t already know it does take a bit more effort to get traffic plus people going back to your site for more. There are similarities between email optins and RSS subscribers, and you’ll need to do the right things on your blogs including more RSS subscribers. None of us have a business without customers and site readers and visitors, so we always need to keep them uppermost in mind when creating our blogs and websites. We’re going to address how you can make your site stickier to your visitors to the end of gaining more RSS subscribers. No matter what niche you’re targeting, whether it is Authority Pro or anything else, it’s important to retain your RSS subscribers.

The first thing you should keep in mind when you want to keep subscribers is that your content should always be new. You never want to take content from other sites because that will tell people that you’re not really serious. Your aim here is to make your subscribers stick to your feed by providing them with content that they won’t find elsewhere. Just like if you were selling products, people will feel cheated if you try to sell them a rip off product. It’s really not that hard to be original; whenever you create new content make sure you add your own personality to it and give it a more authentic look. Plenty of bloggers have seen lots of success and it’s all because they are always providing information that’s valuable and rare and their readers appreciate that.

If you take your subscribers as seriously as possible, they will return the favor. Remember, it’s easy to get someone on your list but difficult to keep them on, so make sure you’re putting in the effort. When it comes to published content on your sites, they too need to have the same sort of consistent tone or feel to them. This is the biggest reason why your readers are there and keep coming back to read what you have to say. Your RSS subscribers are there because of your content, and so keeping the quality high will help to keep them with you. Some niche markets have more to offer than others in terms of information, but there really is a mountain of content available for almost anything. The only way to receive what you want is to give, and that means giving excellent value to your audience.

Make sure your subject matter remains consistent from post to post. Your subscribers subscribed in the first place because they wanted a certain type of information, and you need to make sure you’re providing that. You can innovate but it shouldn’t be something that’s completely unrelated to the main topic of your blog. The more focused your blog is, the more people will like it and they’ll want to subscribe and remain subscribers. You can go overboard with things on your site, so always be careful not to cause confusion or you may have trouble with getting RSS subscribers. You need to focus on giving your readers top notch information so that they don’t have any reason to unsubscribe. There is a learning curve with everything, and things take time to fully implement. Of course you’ll have to make all this happen, but it’s not hard once you get it all planned out. So. all in all regardless of the niche Authority Pro you’re targeting, it’s really important that you focus on retaining your RSS subscribers.

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Affiliate Marketing Platform » Blog Archive » 3 Strategies For Higher Conversions With Google AdWords

Google AdWords has turned out to be a lethal weapon in an Internet marketer’s arsenal. You can take the three techniques for writing great Google AdWords, and when you’re done you can login to your account and make it happen. For more information visit the super affiliate edge training course.

When you sit down to compose your AdWords ads, always bear in mind that you want to talk to one person in a very certain manner. You can’t just write a general ad and hope to target many markets. No matter what you’re selling with a PPC ad, you need to only address that one product, or service, in each particular ad. You won’t get many clicks at all, other than money wasting curiosity clicks, if people are not really sure of what you’re trying to say. The meaning in your ad directly relates to what ever it is you’re selling. You should begin a campaign without first having done your keyword research. You can really help yourself out by ensuring that all is relevant and in place. Then your ads will have a higher click through rate because people seeing your ad will be able to directly relate to it. Do you know all the benefits that your product offers to the customer? You should, and you want to pick the very best one and use it in your ad. At this stage, you will know the strongest benefits that your product delivers. It’s your job as a copywriter to identify these benefits and highlight it in the ad you’re writing. This happens to be your product’s biggest benefit and when someone sees your ad, they should be able to see it instantly. Your ads should always be completely clear and cause no confusion at all in the reader’s mind. If possible, you can test with your benefit in the headline if it will fit. A good place to learn more is the the magic bullet system training course.

You can skillfully use questions in PPC ads, and believe use they can be incredibly effective. Just sit down and make a list of questions that you feel present irresistable feelings and then test them. They should make them want to click on the ad to get the answer. This is relatively easy approach, but it can be extremely powerful.

Google AdWords is not for people who are too lazy to read and learn because that is how you can succeed with it. Be sure to find reputable and reliable information from which to learn Google AdWords, and then study it and take action. For more info visit blog.

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